Critical Success Factors
We identified 3 Critical Success factors at Crest Capital Asia:

  1. Continuing Innovation 
    Our philosophy at Crest Capital Asia is to innovate market-responsive and creative alternative investing strategies to institutional fund management based on traditional private equity methodology. We avoid commoditized investing strategies in order: [1] To provide our investors with value added investing propositions that are not price-competition driven; by [2] Co-exploiting business opportunities which are typically overlooked by conventional managers with the entrepreneur-partners we fund. This is a strength built on the extensive years of experience in the Asian markets coupled with team members’ focus on SME investing since 1987.
  2. Crisis Discipline 
    The lessons gained by senior management in managing previous funds across multiple global and regional economic and financial crises will always be etched into the investing strategies of Crest’s funds. This builds a vigilant discipline in our approach to fund management that good times will not last and, for instance, our emphasis is always on picking defensive businesses for investment, investing at value, structuring deals for worst case scenarios and monitoring investee cashflows closely.
  3. Human Capital 
    Our firm is as solid as the people we have and thus we engage in an ongoing talent recruitment plan as well as ensuring our human resources are given proper incentivization and career development prospects. At the same time, professional conduct and ethics such as integrity, transparency, objectivity and avoiding conflicts, etc are upheld and ingrained on the job.

What this means to our investees…
With this strategy, we systematically scout for fundamentally sound business opportunities with sustainable operating cashflows and investing in these with proven entrepreneur-partners. Through this process, we share our strengths with these investee companies in areas such as the following:

Our equity participation provides strong endorsement and confidence in their stakeholders.

Capital Market Access 
With more than 20 years of corporate finance experience, we have the expertise and resources to prepare companies for IPOs, M&As or any customized financial restructuring.

Strategic and Operational Experience 
Our team members' extensive experience allows them to fully appreciate the value strategies of prospective investees.

Global Networks 
Over the years, we have established a global network of partners including numerous portfolio companies, professional advisors, strategic and financial partners with whom we can support our investees business development.

What this means to our investors… 
Over the years, we built the track record of: [1] managing funds profitably for our investors by focusing on quality deals and, when necessary, navigate investment portfolios across global or regional economic downturns or financial crises; and [2] Corporate governance and compliance practice.